ArabClicks, the leading Affiliate Marketing solutions provider in the MENA region, has announced the launch of OfferBox, a revolutionary AI-powered solution that provides product promotion recommendations for online affiliates. OfferBox automatically combines information on the affiliates’ audience together with analysis of purchase patterns of products from merchants on its network in order to suggest the optimal mix of products for each affiliate. This solution significantly increases Return on Investment (ROI), by assisting affiliates to place offers having the greatest potential for them.

OfferBox is a groundbreaking system and is the first deployment of an advanced AI for affiliate marketing, able to predict successful matches between advertisers and their products and affiliates.

Mauro Romano, CEO and Co-Founder of ArabClicks, said: “We are extremely excited to introduce this cutting-edge solution, which leverages our continued investment in advanced AI tools to effectively and automatically provide optimal product / affiliate matching. ArabClicks is proud to be the leader in the development and deployment of advanced affiliate marketing technologies in the MENA and OfferBox is our first AI-driven solution, based on a strategic AI development program”.

”OfferBox– and our future systems to come – are a reflection of the deep commitment to our advertising and affiliate partners, who are at the core of our business and whom we will continue to support with the most advanced, effective and profitable e-commerce affiliate solutions in the region. We live in the era of AI and Machine Learning and OfferBox allows our partners to better understand the market and is a tool specifically designed to address the requirements of the affiliate and media community. Users can take advantage of this tool to receive recommendations on their campaigns, obtain some of the best promotions based on locations and solutions derived from a comprehensive analysis,” Romano said.

“Such tools can help us analyze all the received data accurately and transparently, thus helping us personalize the results based on the requirements of a diverse set of audience. Also, traditionally mode of work could be time consuming and prone to human errors, whereas AI solutions can help foresee and prevent any potential issue that could have otherwise impacted productivity and caused substantial delays”.

Based on past performances, behavior and preferences, OfferBox users can enjoy a personalized experience with unique AI-based content that can help maximize their brand’s reach and revenue.

 ArabClicks is the leading affiliate marketing network for countries in the GCC. Since 2017, it has been providing advanced solutions for the e-commerce marketing industry in the Arab world, by understanding consumers’ shopping behavior and providing solutions to address them. ArabClicks provides its partners with the unparalleled technology-based affiliate marketing solutions, highly professional and dedicated service, and unique marketing solutions- for the creation of growth a profit in the ecommerce affiliate marketplace.