Alison Lamb (principal Dubai Heights Academy)

Dubai Heights Academy (DHA), a leading British curriculum school located in the heart of Al Barsha South, has announced that it will be reopening in full when the new academic year 2020/2021 starts on August 30th.

Alison Lamb, Principal at DHA, “We are able to comply with all of the KHDA’s protocols for reopening a school and still operate a regular school day. We have a large campus with ample additional space. So where needed we can divide classes across two classrooms, with teachers, teaching assistants and support staff moving between them, to ensure students are always 1.5 metres apart and learning is uninterrupted.

“We do not need to ask students to attend at staggered timings or alternate days, which logistically could be problematic for some parents. In addition to having sufficient space for our returning students, we are confident of enrolling more, especially now that prospective pupils and their parents can physically visit the school for tours.”

As part of their reopening plan, DHA will introduce thermal imaging equipment at the three main entrances, fit none contact hand sanitizer dispensers and establish a precautionary two-metre distance in all common areas. The school will also operate one-way systems and supervise students, at all times, to avoid crowding.

Additional cleaning staff are planned for, to ensure regular consistent cleaning and disinfecting is carried out throughout the campus.
The newly completed slip road and on road parking will allow easy access to the school’s three main entrances. Plans are in place for specified year groups to enter the different entrances. These operating procedures will be communicated in more detail, before the start of the term.

“The school staff will remain on site during the school day and students will receive practical reminders throughout the day about washing hands and maintaining social distancing from their teachers and other pupils. Our inclusion team and wellness character POD will focus heavily on the health and wellbeing of our students, as this is our number one priority,” added Ms. Lamb.

DHA is now open from Sunday to Wednesday 9-3pm, for onsite tours, with personal tours also available outside of these hours. The tours are currently limited to one family per visit and no children under the age of six years are allowed. Virtual tours of the campus, can still be accessed via DHA’s website
DHA has recognised the importance of digital learning and the use of technology within education. The recent distance learning and working from home has further highlighted the use of technology so we are thrilled to announce that we will provide free access to a Chromebook for each child in Years 3 to 7 to enhance their learning experience both at home and in school.

Furthermore, DHA has introduced a series of revised fees and new payment plans. New students enrolling for the 2020/2021 academic year, which starts August 30th, will benefit from discounted package deals. For FS1 students a 15% discount will be applied to KHDA approved annual fees, plus a subsequent 10% discount when the students are enrolled in FS2 the following academic year 2021/2022.

New students in FS2 to Year 6 will receive a 10% discount and Year 7 students will be offered a 5% discount on their annual fee Additional discounts are available for parents working for any of DHA’s corporate partners such as Emirates NBD, Emrill, Canon, Cisco and Du Telecom as well as members of the Emirates Platinum Card programme. “It is worth checking with us, to see if your employer is included in our corporate partners plan,” said Ms. Lamb.

A new monthly payment plan has been introduced for the new academic year in addition to taking payment by credit card. Parents will now be able to spread the cost of tuition across all three terms, meaning essentially that their total annual fees can be paid in monthly instalments over ten months, easing the financial burden.