Mohammed Ismail Al Emadi - CEO Lesha Bank

Lesha Bank LLC (Public) (the “Bank” or “Lesha Bank”) has been named “Best Bank for Diversity and Inclusion in Qatar for 2023” at the prestigious Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2023. This remarkable accolade underscores Lesha Bank’s relentless commitment to nurturing an inclusive financial institution, as well as its dedication to fostering a diverse and welcoming organizational environment.

Lesha Bank was honoured for its excellent efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion within the financial sector by the Euromoney Awards for Excellence, which are known for honouring outstanding performance in the banking and financial sectors globally. This prestigious award is a testament to the Bank’s ongoing efforts to build a workplace that honours and integrates regional heritage and culture while reflecting the rich tapestry of the community it serves.

Lesha Bank’s basic values are firmly rooted on diversity and inclusivity. The Bank not only recruits and keeps top personnel, but also develops high-performing teams, by cultivating a culture that supports and celebrates individual differences. Lesha Bank is an example of an institution that is committed to fostering a sense of belonging in all people by having employees that represent 21 different nationalities and who make up 30% of the workforce.

“We are delighted to have been recognized by Euromoney as Qatar’s leading bank for diversity and inclusion,” commented Mohammed Ismail Al Emadi, CEO of Lesha Bank. “Our commitment to these principles underscores our pursuit of excellence, positioning us as a respected corporate entity that targets diversity, equity, and inclusion standards. We wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of leading by example, and we consider this recognition a testament to our ongoing dedication.”

The acknowledgement also underlines the dynamic efforts made by Lesha Bank to empower its stakeholders and staff through initiatives and strategic guidance. The Bank has taken important steps to improve diversity within its management team and promote an inclusive culture throughout the whole organization.

Mohammed Mohammed, Deputy Chief Operating Officer added, “Our employee-driven best practices have organically earned recognition, underscoring our commitment to fostering an environment where success can be a natural process. At Lesha Bank, we are dedicated to cultivating an environment where everyone feels a deep sense of belonging, with acceptance and opportunities for all to thrive. This commitment resonates in our internal operations and our interactions with our people, clients, stakeholders, community, and society at large.”

In addition, Lesha Bank is the first and only bank in Qatar to be honored with both the ‘Best Place to Work’ certification and the ‘Best Workplace in Asia’ award for 2023. These recent accolades further amplify the extensive commendation that Lesha Bank has garnered for its distinctive culture, one that is centered around making ethical choices that benefits its stakeholders, with a continued commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the years to come.