Gaidar Magdanurov - President at Acronis

Acronis, the global leader in cyber protection, recently announced the Acronis CyberApp Standard a groundbreaking integration technology. This innovation broadens the Acronis ecosystem to third-party vendors, offering them the means to seamlessly integrate their products and services into Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, equipping service providers with essential tools necessary to drive efficiency and profitability.

The only architecture that enables suppliers to deeply integrate into the Acronis platform with natively integrated vendor workloads, warnings, widgets, and reports is Acronis CyberApp Standard. This guarantees a single user experience for apps owned by and linked with Acronis, improving productivity and decreasing errors. Unlike other platforms, Acronis CyberApp Standard gives vendors a distinct, no-touch digital experience and full application lifecycle management. Vendors get access to the flexible Vendor Portal when they decide to join the Acronis ecosystem. They are given the ability to create applications, discuss application information, upload promotional materials, and publish applications directly to the Acronis Application Catalog.

“Service providers require seamless integration between tools to stay agile and competitive. These integrations allow them to save time and resources on managing multiple tools and reduce the risk of human errors,” said Gaidar Magdanurov, President at Acronis. “We are excited to make the CyberApp Standard available to all vendors and open up the Acronis partner ecosystem with over 20,000 service providers and millions of business customers. CyberApp creates an opportunity for vendors to acquire new customers and increase their profits while reinforcing cyber protection and service provider tools on the Acronis platform.”

With the Acronis CyberApp Standard, technology vendors unlock sales and marketing opportunities with the ability to access over 100 distributors and 50,000 channel partners. Benefiting from accelerated time-to-market for integrated solutions, the Acronis ecosystem significantly reduces complexity and leverages more than 50 data centers, enabling vendors to deliver solutions compliant with various local regulations.

“A comprehensive technology ecosystem is a critical success factor to meeting the diverse needs of small, medium, and large MSPs. Innovative integration technology, such as CyberApp Standard, can help deliver a better experience for service providers who have diverse software integration requirements,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Vice President at IDC. “Integrations can encompass endpoint security, network management, and SaaS administration for end-customers while streamlining operational efficiency for service providers.”

Technology vendors can benefit from partnering with Acronis by joining the #CyberFit Technology Partner Program and working together on joint sales and marketing opportunities. The program enables partners to collaborate on go-to-market strategies, co-branded campaigns and product assets, marketing and sales guidance, and access to MDF funds.

“Our Partnership with Acronis has been monumental,” said Nikki Meyer, Corporate Vice President of Vendor Experience at Pax8. “Together, we empower managed service providers (MSPs) to scale their business by consolidating and automating industry-leading solutions. CyberApp Standard creates a seamless integration with any technology, which allows us to position these products as a better-together bundle. Our Partnership helps MSPs to meet and exceed their clients’ needs by offering hundreds of natively integrated solutions in a single user interface.”

Built on the Acronis platform, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a comprehensive solution that includes backup and data recovery, cybersecurity, management, and automation. More than 200 third-party products and services, including LastPass, Rewst, SendMarc, Canauri, Infima Security, and Autobahn Security, are part of the Acronis ecosystem portfolio.

“The Acronis platform helps us automate our workflows, ensuring all steps are completed consistently,” said Josh Aaronson, Director of Operations at HOCS. “The result is exponential time savings as there is no need to jump from console to console.”