IDB conducts workshops on implementation of business continuity instructional guide for industrial facilities amidst COVID-19

45 representatives of Abu Dhabi’s industrial facilities participate in the virtual workshops

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) conducted two remote workshops on the implementation of the business continuity instructional guide with the participation of more than 45 representatives of industrial facilities in the emirate. The workshops featured detailed discussions on the contents of the instructional guide and its implementation in line with ADDED’s efforts to address the consequences of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in the emirate.

H.E. Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, Executive Director, IDB, said that the guide contributes to guiding industrial facilities in the  development of successful business continuity strategies and their implementations with minimal disruptions  to operations , thereby ensuring the continuity of  business activities  in the face of COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative reflects ADDED’s commitment to continuously enhancing communication with industrial facilities and providing them with necessary support to overcome the crisis.

H.E. further pointed out that the success of the implementation of the instructional guide depends on the ability of industrial facilities to take necessary practical measures needed to maintain the continuity of activities. These include human resources, operations and various other tasks such as supply chain procedures, customer service, and internal and external communication processes.

 Nabil Saleh Al-Awlaki, Director of Environment, Health and Safety at IDB, clarified that the instructional guide helps industrial facilities to reduce health risks for employees and workers, thereby reducing the risk of transmission and spread of the virus within workplaces.

Al Awlaki added that the guide serves as a guaranteed action plan for industrial facilities in case any of their employees or workers contract the virus. If a case of infection occurs, the infected individual and his/her contacts will be placed in quarantine, which will require coming up with alternative guarantees to ensure business continuity, particularly with suppliers and dealers.