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GoDirect is a ‘one-stop’ platform with services and applications that make life easier for everyone in the aviation value chain. For operators and owners, GoDirect can help improve safety, increase efficiency and cut operating costs. It offers pilots intuitive tools that puts real-time information and data at their fingertips, allowing them to focus on flying.

It provides flight departments with the predictive data needed to anticipate and fix problems and avoid unplanned maintenance and aircraft on ground (AOG) events. And for the passengers who simply just want a safe, comfortable flight with Wi-Fi capabilities like the ones they get in the office and at home, GoDirect delivers a fast, reliable connection – anywhere – anytime – all the time. GoDirect lets you access Honeywell’s suite of connected solutions and apps that meet everyone’s needs.

GoDirect gives pilots, operators and flight departments the direct access to Honeywell services they need most – from flight planning and software updates to maintenance services and equipment protection plans, to a full suite of connectivity services. What’s more, thanks to the new GoDirect web portal, customers can easily access the Honeywell services you use most often. Using a single login, you can view current subscription services and other offerings that can help you improve safety

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