The continent of Africa has been enjoying rapid economic growth, over the past few years. And recent records show that West Africa has the largest economic growth of any part of the continent, with a gross domestic product 2 projected to rise to 3.9 percent in 2019. The performance of the region’s various countries has changed, but because Nigeria contributes about 70 percent of regional GDP, its patterns largely shape regional ones.

Thanks to its sound economic record, West Africa has been able to create different investment opportunities and more investors are beginning to troop into the region to enjoy the profitable leverage. Given West Africa’s economic bounce, why are you not investing in this region?

Why you need to invest

The West Africa region anticipates high productivity and economic growth and thanks to its abundance of natural resources investors have been able to make diverse investments in different fields with relative ease. This is especially true of countries such as Ghana, where you can find good governance and policies that make it easy for investors to enjoy a business-friendly environment. A business-friendly environment keeps investors trooping into the region!

Where you can invest in Africa

If you are a cautious investor, countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast have handsome profits for its investors. Despite the political instability of the past few years within this region, improved economic productivity and a secure attractive outlook for investors has been recorded, with some investors still proud of their investment.  Happy existing investors are inspiring governments and many private sector companies to take heed of the investment opportunities in West Africa. But when is the right time to start investing?  Now! This is the view of the united development programme (UNDP). The region’s industrial development as well as economic growth should motivate you to heed this wise advice!