London Dairy Café (LDC) has appointed Chef Omar Basiony to head its ambitious and ever-evolving culinary department.  A big part of his new role will be innovation, research and development to establish LDC as a power player in the casual dining category. He will also be responsible for ensuring overall quality and consistency throughout the brands’ multiple outlets.

With his history of working at fine-dining institutions, the move to all-day dining may seem surprising but was driven by Chef Omar’s ambition to make great quality food accessible as well as scalable. When presented with the opportunity to drive the creative development in the culinary department of the local café chain, he liked the idea of working at a café that has multiple outlets and yet still creates everything in-house with a strong emphasis on quality and attention to detail. 

Building on his global culinary travel experiences and passion for great food, Chef Omar will be spearheading new projects and will continue to elevate LDC’s diverse selection of familiar food favourites.  Having only been on board for a couple of weeks, Chef Omar is already bursting with ideas to add to the menu and has kickstarted with the recently launched Tuscan Olive Oil cake. He is also planning to introduce a couple of breakfast dishes to add to LDC’s incredible breakfast selection.