Saudi Arabia — The Ministry of Transport and the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) signed on Monday a memorandum of cooperation to develop the land, sea and air transport sector in the Republic of Yemen and improve roads in Yemeni cities.

The memorandum of cooperation was signed by the Saudi Minister of Transport Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Jasser and SDRPY Supervisor General Ambassador Mohammed Bin Saeed Al-Jaber. The agreement is part of SDRPY efforts to develop and support civic services and vital sectors in Yemen. Al-Jasser said the agreement would help achieve the livelihood and economic balance of Yemeni citizens and improve the quality of life through infrastructure development projects and programs. He hopes that the agreement will achieve its desired objectives by connecting cities and governorates in the country and developing the transport sector.

Ambassador A-Jaber said the memorandum of cooperation would contribute to upgrading the level of transport services in the country, which will have a positive impact on other vital sectors since the transport sector connects cities and governorates and links the country with the region and the world. He praised the fruitful cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Transport, which is in line with the directives of the leadership to assist the Yemeni government in the development and reconstruction of vital sectors to improve infrastructure and services.

The memorandum of cooperation consolidates the efforts of the Saudi authorities to develop and reconstruct Yemen. It will also help improve the skills of transport professionals and provide technical and advisory support in the field of road maintenance. Besides supporting the development of the transport sector, SDRPY also supports airport and port rehabilitation project, rehabilitation and development project at Al-Ghela Airport, Aden International Airport development and rehabilitation project, rehabilitation and expansion project of the Port of Aden, Socotra Airport development and support project, port development project, rehabilitation and port development project activities.

SDRPY provides cranes to increase the handling capacity of the Mukalla port. It also supports the requalification project to develop Yemeni roads and ports, which includes the qualification and development of the outlet of the ports, the rehabilitation and development project of a shipping port, the road project, the internal road projects in Socotra, and the rehabilitation and lighting projects of vital roads in Aden.