Mitsubishi Power establishes EMEA Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Unit regional headquarters

Mitsubishi Power, has confirmed the expansion of its operational footprint across EMEA with the establishment of a Gas Turbine Combined Cycle (GTCC) EMEA Business Unit headquartered in Dubai, UAE. This announcement comes as a demonstration of Mitsubishi Power’s continued and deep commitment to the region’s power industry.

Established April 1, 2021, the new business unit is focusing on the sale of the most successful turbines in the industry – the J-Series Air Cooled gas turbines – which boast world-class reliability of 99.6% and efficiency of greater than 64%. Capable of operating on a mixture of up to 30 percent hydrogen and 70 percent natural gas, the turbines can be increased to 100 percent hydrogen in the future. This highly efficient energy generation technology can play a crucial role in helping countries across the EMEA region meet ambitious net zero carbon emissions targets.

As part of this expansion, Khalid Salem, President of Mitsubishi Power Middle East, and North Africa will take on a new role as the GTCC Business Unit Leader for EMEA. In his new role, Khalid will lead efforts to further grow Mitsubishi Power’s GTCC presence across EMEA, while continuing to bring the company’s global energy solutions to the MENA region.

“Mitsubishi Power’s core expertise is providing reliable, innovative and environmentally friendly energy solutions to our customers. We know that lesser-carbon intensive technologies can contribute to the decarbonization of energy at scale and now with the expansion of our world-leading GTCC business in EMEA, we are one step closer to helping transition our world to cleaner, more sustainable, and affordable energy,” said Khalid Salem.

Mitsubishi Power has also appointed Jose Aguas as Vice President GTCC Sales, EMEA. Based in Valencia, Spain, Aguas brings more than two decades of experience in the power generation industry to the role, having worked extensively across renewables and gas combined cycles.

“Mitsubishi Power’s gas turbine combustion cycle technology leads the market in delivering a low carbon, stable power supply, when it is needed. The establishment of the new business unit will enable us to partner more closely across the value chain to provide high quality, reliable solutions that further enable the rapid transformation of the region’s power supply,” said Jose Aguas, Vice President GTCC Sales EMEA.

Currently, Mitsubishi Power’s leading JAC-class gas turbine is set to power a 2.4GW gas-fired Fujairah F3 power plant being built in the UAE. The US$1.14bn plant will use an efficient combined cycle technology in the region and will be the largest natural gas fired GTCC facility in the UAE, playing a crucial role in the country’s power generation sector while also contributing to the GCC’s power grid.

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