In celebration of the Arab Financial Inclusion Day, which falls on April 27 of each year, the Oman Banks Association participated in introducing this occasion and arranging awareness of the financial and banking activities and the role played by banks in the field of economic development.

As the Oman Banks Association sought this year by focusing on an important group in society, based on the recommendation of the Central Bank of Oman, and the importance of the role of Omani women in building civilized societies and their contribution to sustainable development. the association is planning on arranging several meetings with Omani women’s associations throughout the Sultanate.

The first meeting for this year was arranged with the heads of the Omani women’s associations in Dhofar, which was held on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at the Grand Millennium Salalah.

The meeting agenda included the following items:

  • A welcome speech by Oman Banks Association
  • A brief about the financial inclusion campaign.
  • Discussing common problems and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.
  • Discussing the resources and products offered by banks to business owners.
  • Discuss online payment systems for small businesses.
  • How financial institutions help women in small businesses.
  • Saving and managing the money of young people.
  • Tips and advice from banks for business owners.

The meeting was attended by the Central Bank of Oman, representatives from the banks, the Ministry of Social Development, the Oman Banks Association, and the Omani Women’s Associations in Dhofar.