Panasonic unveils futuristic Autonomous Living

The Autonomous Living Space Cabin offers valuable experiences as future living space with four types of in-car environments

Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF), in celebration of its 100-year anniversary, is bringing its future vision to life with the unveiling of the Autonomous Living Space Cabin at GITEX Technology Week. The company’s booth this year in the region’s biggest ICT trade show is highlighted through an expansively themed showcase reflecting past, present and future innovations. As the centenary year progresses, Panasonic continues to underline a stronger commitment to the goal it established 100 years ago, which is to contribute to the progress and development of society by developing innovative products and solutions that enhance the people’s quality of life.

Panasonic has delivered its in-vehicle infotainment equipment to major global automakers for more than 65 years. Recently, there have been growing expectations for further evolution of such systems as vehicles undergo a paradigm shift towards a future with autonomous and electric vehicles. Infotainment systems are expected to play a more significant role than ever before in improving vehicle safety and comfort.

To this end, Panasonic has developed the Autonomous Living Space Cabin, which is envisioned for various valuable experiences as future living space. Based on this concept, a luxurious, modern, and high-quality living space is created inside the vehicle. This next-generation cabin space offers four types of in-car environments: Living Room, Business, Relaxation, and Entertainment.

Anthony Peter – Director, Corporate Communications PMMAF said, “For the past 100 years, Panasonic’s proprietary technologies have been helping make daily life a better experience for our customers. This year, as we mark our centennial milestone, we are not only honoring a century of achievements, we are also committing ourselves to another hundred years of empowering our customers with new innovations and technologies. The Autonomous Living Space Cabin concept is just one of the many ways we plan to create new value for the brand. Moving forward, we will further enhance our valued tradition of putting people at the core. Panasonic, with this unprecedented commitment, is substantially strengthening its reputation as a truly global company.”

In addition to the Autonomous Living Space Cabin, Panasonic also installed a vision theatre within the booth’s Future Zone, in which a video about the company’s vision for the year 2030 is featured.

Embodying Panasonic’s illustrious heritage is the ‘Past/History Zone’, where visitors can get a true peek into the company’s history with displays celebrating its storied past. This zone will include a showcase of Panasonic’s several ground-breaking legacy products that solidified its position as a global innovator in technology.

Completing this year’s expansive showcase is the B2B Solutions zone, devoted to the brand’s latest innovations. On full display are exciting products and technologies designed for maximum business productivity across a variety of industry verticals. From the most advanced projectors to cutting-edge professional displays to intelligent security cameras to breakthrough visual communications systems, Panasonic’s full display of solutions reflect the company’s dedication to quality craftmanship and progressive ingenuity. Amid the vast display of technology, visitors will also be treated to dynamic product demonstrations for a first-hand experience of the Panasonic technology