Rawan Darwish, Associate Partner of leading growth and transformation consultancy Prophet, shares insight into business trends, Prophet’s outlook for GCC businesses for 2023 and more following the successful launch of brand campaign for Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT).

Outlook for business development in GCC for 2023
The GCC is an emerging frontier for entrepreneurship. As one of the world’s largest emerging markets, a gateway to existing and emerging trade routes, and the hundreds of freezones – and counting – the strategic efforts of GCC governments, thought leaders and consultancy firms such as Prophet are allowing for more innovation and business development than ever before. The commitments of these entities has made it easier for start-ups, a huge amount of flexibility and several hurdles are alleviated for business owners so it allows them to hit the business ground running. Many freezones cater to specific industries – i.e. healthcare – or business types – i.e. start-up, SME or international trade – and many seize the opportunity to find complimentary partners or tap into resources and business incubation within these hubs with mentorship and facilities to develop prototypes and content for instance.

The GCC’s appeal as a global commercial hub is only strengthening and the number of start-ups is increasing, stimulating the investment landscape too. Numbers show the UAE raised $699 million in the first half of 2022, securing its reign as the leading country for VC financing in MENA. These staggering figures project significant levels of growth for 2023 and beyond. Such milestones are testament to a well-built environment and accompanying this a high quality of life, which is successfully attracting skilled, future-ready talent.

Prophet’s strategic destination campaign for DCT
The campaign is focused on Experience Abu Dhabi. Find Your Pace has now been unveiled in Abu Dhabi, the GCC, France, the U.K. and the U.S. Celebrating its Emirati heritage and seamlessly connecting it to the living culture offered by the Saadiyat Cultural District – home to the Louvre Abu Dhabi – and Yas Island’s exciting theme park and waterfront attractions, the destination campaign welcomes the world to enjoy Abu Dhabi’s enriching experiences, at their own pace.

Prophet are unique in their approach to working with businesses and government entities in that they immerse themselves in every element of the destination in order to provide thought provoking, valuable insights in order to develop something impactful. Across 2023, Prophet will be working with a number of global entities in order to upscale and generate impactful campaigns.

From the positioning and messaging, to the verbal and visual expression of the DCT the campaign, and all of Prophet’s upcoming campaigns are are designed to support growth ambition and bring businesses and entities visions to life.