Dr. Adnan Chilwan, Group CEO Dubai Islamic Bank

rabbit, a new kind of financial experience for the connected generation launched today in the UAE. Simplicity, ease, agility and fun form the core DNA of this young brand aimed at providing a happy and fun-filled interaction, whilst fulfilling the everyday financial needs for the new generation and the millennial mindset.

rabbit will fill an existing void prevalent in the UAE by creating a financial brand that is engaging and connects directly with the customer, minus the jargons and complexities typically seen.

Set to be one of UAE’s most contemporary digital brands, rabbit is poised to establish new standards for innovation in financial services, with a mission to make banking effortless and, most importantly, fun for everyone.

The new digital app is available now to download from both the Apple iOS and Android mobile app stores and will initially launch with a current account, globally accepted debit card, and payments and transfers. Through an interactive and simple platform, rabbit users will experience the much sought-after simplicity, agility and ease, which not only makes banking fun but also rewards the customers with loyalty and discounts.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Adnan Chilwan, Group Chief Executive Officer at Dubai Islamic Bank said: “rabbit is focused on millennials, the digital natives and the tech savvy generations. Connected rabbitteers will enjoy a unique, fun-filled experience never before witnessed in the region.”

“We have married finance and digital tech then coated it with a sprinkling of fun to create a uniquely ‘FUNTECH’ brand. The idea behind the brand rabbit, is to demystify finance, make it simple, and provide a journey that would leave a smile in the face of our adopters” Dr. Adnan added.

Despite rabbit’s, playful approach to finance, which also includes an enjoyable way to earn rewards, rabbitteers will find the offering deconstructed to manage the key everyday financial needs in a simple and fun-filled manner.

Getting started with rabbit is incredibly easy – just needs a few simple hops and jumps. The rabbitteers will earn rewards in the form of virtual “carrots” which can be redeemed for offers and discounts on experiences, nibbles and shopping across the UAE.

Be #ReadyFortheNew. Be ready to hop on to a unique ‘FUNTECH’ experience. To learn more, follow the latest updates on www.gorabbit.ae