Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: SAS, a leader in analytics and AI, announced its partnership with Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services. Under this new collaboration, the two companies aim to empower and inspire customers in Saudi Arabia lead the change towards the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 and beyond, with advanced analytics and AI acting as catalyst.

Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services (JCCS) was established in the 1983 and provides information technology (IT), telecommunications, Internet, and managed services, with a strong emphasis on systems integration and infrastructure services projects. The introduction of cutting-edge technology in Saudi Arabia has always been JCCS’s top priority, and this is reflected in the company’s significant contribution to the Kingdom’s goal of developing technological self-sufficiency.

The National Strategy for Digital Transformation is one of the major pillars for achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. With SAS’s broad portfolio of analytics and AI solutions, JCCS will be able to assist Saudi Arabian customers in digitally transforming their businesses with confidence, via data-driven insight and intelligent decisioning. With solid foundations based on data analytics, JCSS customers can create new applications to address business challenges, build resilience against disruptive events, uncover new business opportunities and spark green innovation, since Vision 2030 places sustainability at its core.

As Saudi organizations move to a digital-first mindset to support long-term, sustainable business growth, IDC forecasts that ICT spending in Saudi Arabia will reach US$32.9 billion in 2022, a year-on-year growth of 2.3 percent, making the Saudi ICT industry one of the fastest growing sectors in the region. Furthermore, according to another IDC research, cloud will continue to dominate technology investments. Fueled by the regulatory clarity, public cloud spending in the country is projected to exceed US$2.5 billion by 2026.

“Throughout its history, JCCS has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to creating new business opportunities,” said Rafat Al-Obeidat, Managing Director at Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services. “Our new partnership with SAS strengthens our position in the Saudi market by bolstering our resources and intellectual capital at a time when Saudi businesses across all industries are accelerating their digital transformation efforts.”

Bader Bahaian, Country Manager, KSA at ‎SAS, added: “Thanks to Vision 2030, the prospects for the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are brighter than ever before. However, organizations need data, analytics, and AI to keep up the pace of transformation, establish resilience, create a competitive edge, and drive sustainable innovation. SAS is committed to assisting organizations in reorienting, reinventing, and redefining industries as we know them. With the expertise of partners such as JCCS, we are confident that we can move Saudi Arabia forward, together.”

SAS will continue to help companies in the Kingdom make better, data-driven decisions, accelerate growth and innovation, and build a better tomorrow. Through ongoing breakthroughs in data analytics, cloud, AI, and decisioning, SAS empowers companies to align with evolving business goals and advance in their digital transformation journey – a key aspect of Saudi Vision 2030.