Send Paylink: New PayBy feature transforms payments, enabling simpler, quicker and cashless sales

Merchants can accept payments immediately via a payment link sent to customers through email, text, or message apps

Innovative fintech start-up PayBy has launched Send Paylink, a new Point of Sale [POS] feature that enables quicker and easier sales. Using their PayBy POS, merchants can create a payment link to send to customers. When customers receive the link, they can pay through the PayBy app or with their bank card, instead of paying by cash.

PayBy’s Send Paylink is flexible and robust enough to be used across diverse businesses and use cases. Payment links can be embedded in emails, text messages, or over messaging apps. Merchants can start accepting payments within minutes, without having an e-commerce website or writing any code. Orders processed through Send Paylink are recorded on the POS platform so that merchants can conveniently check and manage business data.

Consumers need not pay store staff with cash on delivery when they order goods. Payments can be processed through the PayBy mobile wallet, or via bank cards online.

Dr Mahmoud Alkouz, Operations Manager at Al Ain Pharmacy said: “PayBy’s new POS feature, Send Paylink, is a welcome development for businesses that want to accept digital payments from customers, without the hassles of websites, apps or sustaining the risk of cash on delivery (COD). It simplifies payments and diversifies revenue streams for all kinds of UAE businesses, including pharmacy chains with existing payment systems – any PayBy merchant can create a payment link on POS to send to their customers. This is a perfect example of combining technology with strategic vision to bring digital solutions to life.”

PayBy offers merchant solutions for every type of business in the UAE, from small merchants to large stores that serve thousands of customers daily. These cost-effective solutions will support local businesses and help them provide a better user experience and reach a wider consumer base immediately.

Financial transactions on PayBy are well protected by leading and proven technologies, including AI-based security management system, in strict accordance with the PCI-DSS standards.

PayBy also provides digital payment services covering multiple scenarios, such as retail purchases, hotels, taxis, utilities, and mobile top-ups. PayBy uses a QR-code based payment system to enable contactless and cashless payments. The QR code generated by PayBy is based on tokenisation – widely acknowledged as a more secure payment method as it allows the payment to be processed without exposing sensitive payment information. The PayBy App is currently available in Apple Store, Google Play, and Huawei Store.