Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) is gearing up to launch its Happy Holiday Summer Camp 2022, offering a wide range of educational and fun-filled activities in Arabic and English languages for children aged between 6-12 across its museums in Sharjah.

The first phase of the summer camp will kick off on July 18 at Sharjah Aquarium, Sharjah Science Museum, Sharjah Archeology Museum, and Sharjah Art Museum for a duration of 10-days.

Children will be introduced to space sciences, learn about key archaeological discoveries, beginning from the Stone Age, through a series of educational and entertaining activities as well as workshops that also include paper portrait and installation art workshops.

They will additionally learn about marine pollution and brainstorm solutions to help protect our planet.

On August 1, the second phase of the summer camp will commence at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Maritime Museum, and Al Mahatta Museum providing participants with a chance to build an aeroplane and dive deep to discover the treasures of the sea and marine heritage.

Secrets of jewellery, wood and incense will be shared with participants through a collection of educational workshops.

Commenting on the summer camp, Manal Ataya, Director of SMA, said: “SMA is focused on raising generations that realize the importance of museums that expose them to art and various sciences through the programs and activities we organize throughout the year, including the summer camp, which is ideal for making use of their free time to further learn creatively and socialize with other children.”

She said as informal learning spaces, museums’ play a critical role in engaging children, something SMA has been doing for more than a decade, with free and specifically designed programs and activities that provide memorable learning experiences, provoke imagination, and offer unique environments for quality time with family.

Praising the efforts of SMA, Hiyam Abu Mishaal, an educational and psychological consultant, noted that summer camps are incubators for children’s development.

Urging parents to enrol their children, she said summer camps help shape personalities psychologically and on a social level, tap and direct their energies towards exploring, innovating and unleashing their creativity instead of idling and spending their time on their smart devices.