Uber has introduced a new App feature in Dubai, which offers riders the opportunity to book a ride on the Uber App up to 30 days in advance, along with the option for extended pick up windows. Uber Reserve unlocks even more certainty for riders, and gives drivers additional predictability over their Uber experience.

Rifad Mahasneh, General Manager for Uber, UAE and Levant said, “The pandemic has transformed how people get from point A to B and magnified the importance of reliability. More riders have turned to scheduled rides to plan their days more efficiently, and that’s why we think it’s the right time to introduce Reserve. We continue to innovate and elevate the e-hail  experience and have adapted our business model throughout the pandemic to meet evolving consumer needs. Uber Reserve is aimed at riders, individuals and professionals included, who will pay a premium for even more reliability, availability and certainty. It comes with exclusive features such as an extended 15 minute waiting period and a more seamless booking flow – providing a natural complement to on-demand travel.

The service is available in two categories; Premium Reserve, which offers a choice of Uber Black vehicles with an arrival time of 15 minutes ahead of schedule and a wait time of 15 minutes. Economy Reserve offers a budget-friendlier price point with Uber Comfort and a 5 minute early arrival and a 5 minute wait time.

Reserve rides can be cancelled any time up to an hour ahead of the scheduled pick up time with no costs incurred and can be booked on the Uber app either through the designated ‘Reserve’ title or by clicking on the clock next to the “Where to?” prompt in the app.