Virtuzone and Capital Club Dubai partner to create a holistic support infrastructure for businesses

Aiming to provide holistic support to entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs, Virtuzone and Capital Club Dubai, the country’s premier private business club, have formed a partnership to enable businesses to succeed beyond inception.

Under the partnership, Virtuzone will provide its market-leading business setup and support services to ease the setup and growth process for entrepreneurs and SMEs, while Capital Club will serve as a platform that connects startups with the right investors, mentors, financial institutions and government sectors.

Virtuzone and Capital Club, two influential organisations in the UAE’s business community, will also act as a link between the private sector and the government, giving voice to businesses and further promoting public-private collaboration.

Neil Petch, Chairman and Co-founder of Virtuzone, said the partnership will help boost the confidence of entrepreneurs to take the leap and establish their own businesses. “Knowing that they have a highly-connected business ecosystem that provides them with holistic support and is designed to help them succeed gives them greater confidence to invest and start their own companies here. It also assures them that they will have a proven support system from the time they set up their company, to the point where they try to secure funding, investment and mentorship,” said Neil.

Highlighting how the partnership caters to the interests of businesses in the UAE, George Hojeige, CEO of Virtuzone, added: “We have simplified the setup process and have put business solutions in place to help startups and SMEs grow. Through this partnership, our clients can gain access to world-class facilities, exclusive networking opportunities and the ability to share enriching business experiences with other entrepreneurs, as entrepreneurship can be very lonely at times.”

“We are delighted to have this partnership with Virtuzone, the leading business setup company in the country, as our missions and visions are perfectly aligned when it comes to enabling SMEs and entrepreneurship and helping businesses flourish in the UAE. Given our individual efforts, it was the right choice to collaborate because together we can achieve more and create a stronger voice for business owners in the country,” said Vic Barreto, CEO of Capital Club Dubai.